After India: Site 2

Metro Arts Galleries, Brisbane, Queensland, 2007.

Digital prints on archival paper and audio. Site specific work, dimensions variable.

After India: Site 2 allowed Ridley to reconsider the experience of creating a site-specific work, The Intimacy Project, as her contribution to the Khoj 2005 Public Art residency at JNU in Delhi. For this project she had worked with academics from the School of languages to collect translations of the word ‘intimacy’ in 10 different languages. These texts were then carved into boulders by the JNU library.

Images of the finished carved texts were produced on fine art papers. Objects themselves that speak of skill and mastery.

Installation view and detail

Exhibition photography by Rod Buchholz.

Images: Intimacy carved texts

“Upon reflection I realised that undertaking the Intimacy Project highlighted many of the factors that a traveller to India encounters: extreme cultural and linguistic diversity, issues of caste and social protocols, encountering the multi-layered bureaucracy and even the naivety of the traveller. However finally, the work is about intimacy, about the possibility of a connection between individuals that overrides differences in culture, experience and reality.” – Mandy Ridley

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Media & documentation

Exhibition catalogue
Media release
Room sheet

Audio: The Intimacy project by Linda Neil

For After India: Site 2, Ridley worked with fellow Asialink resident Linda Neil to produce a sound piece that conveyed another layer of meaning to the project when considered with photographic imagery taken from documentation of the project.